Date Russian woman? See how to marry her

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A large number of girls are known to diligently seek a foreign husband, with the Internet as the most affordable means. Using search engines, they tend to storm dating sites.

In America, men that seek to date Russian woman are rather a common thing. Though, many of those only dreaming or cherishing that specific intent to go abroad and get married just ignore the fact mere acquaintance is not a guarantee. Well, American bachelors make the same mistake thinking a simple invitation and paying the tickets is enough to make a girl build a relationship. In fact, the situation is much more complicated, while many U.S. citizens just fail to meet the challenge.

Against the background of the many thousands of illegal immigrants, foreign governments tend to tighten the entry regulations. So, the first thing American and Russian citizens should be aware of is that’s exactly the fiancé to primarily visit his girl’s country of residence, and, accordingly, he must show quite serious intentions. Note, the visas for girls come in two forms: K1 – fiancée visa (K2 – visa for child of a fiancée) and K3 – visa for a spouse.

Choosing to act quickly, some women try to immediately tie the knot a foreign man (upon his arrival in a girl’s country of residence). They mistakenly believe moving to the states to get a Green Card is much easier in the status of legal wife. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. A package of documents for K3 visa is much bigger, with the registration process longer and more complicated. As a result of such rash act, girls are waiting for a visa up to 2 years, compared to 2 months in an ordinary case.

Meeting Her Family Tips –

Registering K1 visa comes much easier, with the process of issuance being quicker. In order to get a fiancée visa, arm with a plenty of original joint photos taken during a fiancé’s visit: ideally, you are to provide photos that feature your parents and children, if any. If you have met in another city, remember to make color photocopies of tickets and invoices from the hotels you stayed at. Store some of the first and last letters of your correspondence; add a printed list of your phone conversations. It’s good if your partner sends you some postcards by mail. All this is to show the development of your relationship and seriousness of a fiancé. Surely, besides the above mentioned, you still need to collect other papers, though exactly the listed ones will be a proving your marriage is not fictitious.


Further, you are to attend an interview at the embassy. Once all the papers are collected, they given in to the INS; after the case is approved, the embassy sends you the first packet with a list of required documents to bring, as well as a simple form to fill in. Then, after 3 weeks you are sent a second package that specifies fixed time for the interview, along with a referral to physical evaluation board.

Besides, consider the fact you’ll be issued a visa for a period of 3 months, during which you have to marry a specified fiancé. With this not happening, you will be required to go back.

Are you serious to date Russian woman? Then, all these difficulties should not scare you. Just make the first move: find a bride from abroad. As Chinese say: a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Do not be afraid taking this step, place your ad on some website and see the destiny is in your hands!