First Date – What to Do?

Invited for a date? Are you nervous? It is a natural thing, but you don’t have to worry about anything. What to do on a first date?

First, confirm your date fast, showing you look forward to this date. Show up on time, this way you will show you value your dates’ time. Being late shows disrespect and provides an impression of you as an unreliable person. Make sure you look well-attended and dress well. Men should bring flowers or a small token to their ladies as women like presents. A man should be a gentleman and show his manners. A lady should accept man’s signs of attention and courtship. A small gift from a woman is also considered a good tone.

The ‘inviting’ person should take care of the place where the date will happen. Here all personal information known about your date is helpful. Knowing his/her likes and dislikes one can make a better choice of setting for a date. First dates don’t need to be complicated; they need to be simple, but fun. Knowing interests and hobbies of your date will help you to choose any fun activity you two can take part in. Complimenting the looks of your date, you show your attention to the efforts made.

A successful first date is when conversation flows. Be yourself and ask your date questions, but make it logically, so that one topic changes the other and communication happens naturally without pressure or inconvenience. Don’t be too flirty, but let your date understand you like him/her. Listen attentively and sincerely. However, don’t get to close to the person when you talk, this can cause your date’s discomfort. Respond accordingly, share your sense of humor, show your wit, be polite and laugh at the jokes of your date. Never speak on the phone during your date; never look around at other guys or girls. This will show your disrespect and disinterest towards your date and will hurt his/her feelings.

Be polite, charming, intriguing, attentive, a great speaker and listener and you have all the chances for a second date.