Russian brides, problems in their marriage.

sexgirlSometimes women complaint that they get to know that their husband has a very small salary and five children from the previous marriage (which eventually means he is supposed to pay a lot of money to his ex wife in order to provide children), and as a result they have to lead a very poor life, or she is the one who is supposed to provide their own family. And that is one of the issues in which the bride is guilty in the first place, because she had to ask about her future husband’s wage, and his views about how they will live their life, and in what conditions they will live before getting married. And no one should shy about it, as it is normal to know about these things if living together. And if not being interested about the past life of your soul mate, if he was ever married or not, whether he has children from the previous marriage or not, if yes than how many, and if he is financially helping them, if not asking all of those things, it means you are not interested in the person, and if you are not interested, than it means all you are interested in, is living abroad and getting citizenship.

Another very important question is whether the man is a part of some religion or not? Some religions are totally inacceptable for Russian brides. And even if man is hiding his views knowing that his chosen woman will not accept him like that, than sooner or later she eventually will find out and it will not be the best day of his life.brideforyou

One of the most shocking things for women when they move to their man from Russia, is to see that his house is situated in the wood, being far away from the city life, and eventually for a person who is used to live surrounded by a crowd of people and being surrounded by noise of the big city it would be a disaster. And in the majority of the cases, when Russian wife asks her foreign husband to move to the city he refuses her, and he is absolutely right, as he should not change the usual place of living which he finds perfect, just because his woman doesn’t really like that, she was supposed to ask him about before the wedding and not after it, as if two people are completely different, one likes big city life, and the other one a quiet living in the suburbs, than there are almost no chances for their happy future life together.

The thing that will make Russian bride ask for divorce in the majority of cases would be finding out the news after the wedding that her husband cannot have children. That is the news that would shock any normal woman, not to mention a Russian one who from childhood was raised with the fact that there is nothing more important in life than having a happy family and children, and finding out after the wedding that he made a vasectomy, a long time ago, but discussed having children in the future without mentioning to her about that, would be same as betrayal.

Some people think that getting married is equal to lottery as you never know what ticket you got whether it is a winning one, or you simply wasted your money and time on it. Same with person you will get to know him or her only as soon as living for some time together. Some people do not agree with the issue, as they think that the true attitude should be somewhere in the middle, as eventually if asking a lot of questions you can get to know your future spouse very well and this way have a general idea of what to expect from this person, and the risk becomes smaller, and it will help preventing a not happy family life, or eventual divorce. A good advice would be discussing as many issues as possible before the wedding, in order to have a happily ever after future.