Safety Tips for Long Distance Meetings

bridesexMeeting your foreign fiancée is very exciting! It is a period when you are reliving wonderful emotions and can get very nervous. However, together with this, don’t lose your head and remember you are going to an unknown foreign country. Don’t forget to take into account safety precautions. Your safety is your duty even if things sound too good… Just keep the following tips in mind.

For your safety stay in a hotel! If you have not enough funds to stay in a hotel, then don’t go. Never stop at the place of a person you don’t know or don’t know well.

Getting to and from the airport, use a taxi service or a rental car. Even if a person you have never met or don’t know well suggests picking you up at the airport, never get into a personal vehicle with unknown people.

Don’t reveal the hotel you are staying at until you feel safe. The lady meeting you needs to understand and respect your privacy and confidentiality of your personal data until you get to know each other better.

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Always keep your friends and family posted of your travelling, locations and plans. This can sound childish and you most likely won’t want this, but it is a wise thing to do. Always call your family and friends and inform if your plans change. Call them every day to keep them updated on your location, your wellbeing and return plans.

Trust your instincts. Travelling overseas is an exciting experience with lots of fun and enjoyment, sometimes even confrontation. However, if you feel something goes wrong or disturbs your comfort zone, listen to your instincts and act with all responsibility.

Never underestimate taking these precautions. Sometimes even the loveliest and the weakest lady can cause real troubles. We are not gods to read one’s thoughts and intentions. So, it is better to listen to your common sense to be on a save side.