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There was time when I did not want to get married. I just wanted to live a care-free life with my loving family and friends. My friends were my strength as whenever I had any problem, they were always there to support me. I have shared many memorable and fun-filled experiences with my friends and family and expected the same things to happen all my life. Continue reading

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Russian Women OnlineI have always shied away from online dating and thought of it as something people did to just pass time and have some light fun. I have been a skeptic for the longest time I have known. Yes I confess that there are many things in the world that just need a single chance to manifest, love being one of them. You never know where and how love could bloom. Continue reading

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sexgirlSometimes women complaint that they get to know that their husband has a very small salary and five children from the previous marriage (which eventually means he is supposed to pay a lot of money to his ex wife in order to provide children), and as a result they have to lead a very poor life, or she is the one who is supposed to provide their own family. Continue reading