5 Things People Lie About in Online Dating

You won’t be surprised to learn that internet is a great place where people can pretend to be different and even totally change their identity. Well, some people do like to present themselves better than they are in real life and a bit of misinterpretation in their profiles or some specially selected pictures, showing them from the best angle, etc. are indeed harmless. However, there are cases of lies in on-line dating that provide quite the contrary impression about the person when meeting face-to-face.  It is very hard to distinguish fact from fiction on-line. Below you will find five most common things people lie about on-line.

Height and Weight

Statistics shows that women in their 20s and 30s write lesser number in the field ‘weight’ since the society dictates that men prefer slim girls. At the same time over 50 % men looking for a life-partner online lie about their height, making themselves a bit higher. It is another social stereotype of women being attracted to taller guys. Rigid social norms are to blame.


If you look through the profiles on any on-line dating site, you will see a great number of attractive pictures. One third of all the pictures posted on on-line dating sites are older than one year: the older is the holder of profile, the more ancient his pictures are. If you are amazed by how nice a person in his/her 50s looks in the picture, most likely the photo is very old. This lying causes many shocks when people meet for real. Retouched photographs are another reason of disappointment during personal meeting.


Women find men with higher income more appealing. Men, in their turn, want to attract beautiful and younger women, who want a descent if not wealthy life style. Sugar daddies are also popular among younger women. However, is a daddy really sugar? 😉

Social Status

Over 30% of men looking for a partner on on-line dating sites are married; even more are in the relationship.

Almost everyone wants to be an ideal partner for the one he/she likes that is why ‘unwanted’ habits are not ‘revealed’ on-line.