Dating : You Cannot Force Others Like You

It is impossible to make others like you. If you have ever tried this, you know the results: usually it doesn’t work well. When you are trying too hard you end up with the results that are far from your expectations. Besides, you risk looking foolish, as it is evident: one cannot make others like him/her. The feeling of liking doesn’t happen through force. What you need to learn is how to get the best chances for her/his liking.

However, first date of all, you need to admit the fact that there are situations when despite your hard efforts and all your ‘deeds’ the person you like may not feel the same. To finesse the things, you need to learn the following things

Understanding comes first – you need to create a situation where the person you like would feel rapport with you. This person needs to get the feeling you two get along well and this is a bit of attraction. Never force the rapport, for instance, never say you have many things in common with a person you practically don’t know.

Flirt – is your next step. Though you’ve practiced a bit of flirt in the ‘rapport stage’, your flirtation should be escalating as you go along. If you see the person you like flirts back and also escalates flirting, then this person is close enough to ‘the stage of liking you back’.

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Move in your ‘relationship’. Once the second stage works out, you need to try and get the coveted phone number or invite the person you like for a date. Missing this moment can make you stay friends forever and you wouldn’t tike that, right? So, you need to act! Make your move and ask what you want.

In case things still don’t work, you need to stop and realize that all people on earth cannot like you, just because it is you. You need to admit the fact that there are people, who may not like you and you have met the one from their rows. However, never stop your search and don’t let this situation bereave your motivation to meet your one and only.